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“Just as all men have not the same speech sounds, so all men have not the same writing.” About 350 B. C., Aristotle

Your handwriting is as unique as your fingerprint. No two people (not even twins!) write exactly the same, even though most of us learn the Palmer method of forming the 26 letters. As you grow older, your handwriting becomes more and more unique to you. It becomes as distinctive as your voice, how you dress and how you style your hair. Ever notice how you can identify your mom’s handwriting from your best friends and your Dad’s from your brothers? You also know from a mile away when the post-it note on your computer is from your boss or your favourite co-worker, before you can even read the words.

Using this distinctiveness in handwriting to assess the characteristics of the individual who wrote it is the foundation of handwriting analysis - a science called graphology. It is taught in Universities and it is part of the training offered by the FBI and CIA to help examine documents such as death threats, determine forgeries and build criminal profiles.


“Handwriting can infallibly show whether it comes from a person who is noble-minded or from one who is vulgar” - Confusius


"Handwriting is a spiritual designing, even though it appears by means of a physical instrument" - Euclid

History of Graphology

The science of handwriting analysis had a relatively long history. Eminent philosophers such as Confucius, Goethe, Lavater, and Aristotle acknowledged that a person’s writing could provide insight into the character and personality of the person who wrote it.

In Europe the study of handwriting has been going strong since the 1600s and its usefulness is widespread. Almost 80% of businesses have a handwriting analysis completed as part of their hiring process.

Handwriting analysis is a meticulous discipline and is commonly used as a preliminary assessment tool for job aptitude, employee promotions, team building, counselling, career planning, and as previously mentioned, has applications in forensic science and criminal investigation.

However, one of the best things about graphology is that it is not limited to these business areas and has a much more practical, personal and everyday use. You can use it to gain a better understanding of yourself, your family, your love and your friends. You can use it to determine a romantic partner and whether to work for a certain boss. You will be surprised at the amount of insight a few handwritten words can give. And even more surprised by how a change in your handwriting can change how you feel.


"No one can get out of his own skin. We act as our psychological past, ie as our cerebral organization dictates. For this reason, we are bound to expose ourselves in the association experiment in exactly the same way as we do in our own handwriting." - C.G. Jung 1906

The Foundation of the science

Every person’s handwriting is unique. By the end of a semester at school, a teacher, teaching hundreds of kids, can identify who wrote the nameless exam in front of her. An individual's writing is an unconscious reflection of his or her personality, innermost thoughts, feelings and even unconscious desires. Skeptics will think this is an exaggeration and giving a simple task like handwriting too much emphasis. However, while the pen or pencil used for writing is held by fingertips, the writing process is ultimately governed by the very same organ that defines the individuality of each person - the brain. To put it more simply: it is not your hand that writes it is your prefrontal cortex.

Handwriting is viewed as “brainwriting” in graphology and whenever you write, you leave a piece of your brain on the paper, a graphological x-ray so to speak. Or as the preeminent handwriting expert Michelle Freehold refers to it, a brain print.

Graphology is a science based on collecting thousands and thousands and thousands of samples by professionals to compare and analysis the similarities between people and their writing. For example, almost all successful people will write on an uphill direction, showing optimism, enthusiasm and positivity. While it is not an exact science like math or chemistry, it is a science in the same way that psychology, psychoanalysis and even medicine is. Data is collected and from that accurate predictions can be made about the person writing it. It helps you form a picture of the writer based on the frequency certain traits show up, much like a doctor forma a diagnosis based on the symptoms and frequency they occur.

And like many sciences, there are conflicting theories which simply indicates areas that need further research. Graphology is always evolving and most notably, as society moves away from the use of cursive handwriting, graphology is evolving to include printing and the mixture of printing and cursive writing.

"... Every human has his or her own unique traits and foibles–no two people write exactly alike. Graphology is a way of understanding what makes someone tick." - Sheila Lowe, handwriting examiner

Uses for handwriting analysis:
Pre-employment screening and profiling is probably the most widely used application for handwriting analysis. I prepare a report to help the employer or human resources manager determine whether an applicant is a good match for a particular job and the working environment.

Risk Assessment screening in an attempt to avoid hiring employees with bad attitudes or who may be violent or in other ways a security risk.

Other uses: Self discovery, vocational counselling, relationship compatibility, attorneys use handwriting experts to help with jury selection, law enforcement personnel and private investigators use graphology to work with witnesses, victims, and suspects, and educators use it to better understand and help their students.


"Handwriting is like cooking or painting. Just as there are only so many colours or flavours, there are only 26 letters. It's how you combine them that sets you apart. " - Handwriting P. I.

What I do

What I do:
I study handwriting samples for clues to build an accurate picture of the core personality and behaviours of the writer, such as the way the person organizes his/her life and time, ego development, goal setting skills, social skills, thinking style, fears and defences, etc.

Because I can not conclusively detect the writer’s chronological age, gender, whether they are left or right handed, race or religion, handwriting analysis is among the most non-discriminatory of any personality assessment method.

I also work with printed samples as it is simply another form of handwriting. The analysis can be done with just as much accuracy from printed samples because much can be deduced from the way the printing appears on the page (the Gestalt Method)

What I don't do:
While a handwriting sample can provide insight into a person's personality to a trained professional, it can not tell you everything. As with any personality assessment method, it has its limits.

Graphologists are often likened to palm readers and fortune tellers. In World War II, Hitler banned graphology under the Fortune Telling Act. So let me address this issue and state very clearly what I, as a handwriting analyist can and cannot do: I can discover a great deal about the writer’s past, but I cannot predict the future from a person's handwriting.

Uses for handwriting analysis:
Pre-employment screening and profiling is probably the most widely used application for handwriting analysis. I prepare a report to help the employer or human resources manager determine whether an applicant is a good match for a particular job and the working environment.
Integrity screening in an attempt to avoid hiring employees with bad attitudes or who may be violent or in other ways a security risk
Self discovery
Vocational counseling, relationship guidance, and general counseling
Attorneys use handwriting experts to help with jury selection
Law enforcement personnel and private investigators use graphology to work with witnesses, victims, and suspects.
Educators use it to better understand and help their students.

case studies

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"Handwriting is like cooking or painting. Just as there are only so many colours or flavours, there are only 26 letters. It's how you combine them that sets you apart. " - Handwriting P. I.

A Most Unusual "t" party

What is A Most Unusual T Party all about?

A Most Unusual T Party, Teresa meets people for the first time and and delves into their hand written form of communication – the study of which is known as graphology. Relying on the science and art of analyzing each guests hand written to tell us something that we would not have otherwise known and giving us a clue into their personal story.

Join Teresa Abram every Tuesday for A most Unusual T Party where we have candid, vulnerable and insightful conversations about what it is to be human.  

You never know what you learn over a cup of coffee or tea or whisky at the Most Unusual T Party!


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